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Name: Dakoda

The Story : So today was an easy day, I was in the mall looking for a few gifts for people. This is a great time of year. There are so many hot young girls in the malls and most need money for the holidays. As im going from store to store I see this beautiful young blond getting job application, for the holiday season. So I casually followed her for a few stores and then made my approach. It's amazing how girls instantly relax when you tell them you're a photographer and that they caught your eye. So after a few minutes of small talk I got right down to business. This is what I love about my job right now. I don't have to make anything up, it's real. And I really think girls can sense that im not just trying to pick up on them. I told her that I have a friend named Rick who is in the adult industry and that he is always looking for new girls who want to make some fast money. I cant even tell you how her eyes lit up. I guess Dakoda just broke up with her boyfriend and thought this was the perfect opportunity to make some quick cash and to get back at him, cha ching, I struck gold. I told her where I was staying and she said she could be there in a few hours. So I finished up my shopping and headed back to my hotel. Dakoda showed up right on time. She was a little nervous at first but we just sat around and talked for a few minutes to make her more comfortable. And did she get comfortable, wow! I can tell you that she was amazing, I really think this girl can make it in the porn industry and what a great way to get back at her stupid boyfriend, who breaks up with a girl like this. Well im off to find more girls and I hope you guys enjoy this hot little 19 year old as much as I did.

Michael Dain


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