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Name: Jerri Lee

The Story : So when im traveling I like to stay at hotels that offer weekly rates. Its cheaper for me and they cater to their customers a lot better then just hotels where people get rooms by the night. Plus no one really question me when I start pulling all my equipment out of my car. So today was like every other day, I pull into the hotel; I get my room and start taking all my bags out of my car. Somewhere between my second or third trip to the car, this really cute girl, who is also staying there, asks me what I do. So I tell her im a photographer. She told me that she was a few rooms down from me, so when I was done unpacking I made my way over to her room. She was very cute and has been staying there for a few days. She said she had a problem with her roommate and had to move out in a hurry. Well here I come to the rescue. I asked her if she was hungry and we got a burger at a little hole in the wall right next to the hotel. So after spending almost an hour and a half with Jerri, I decided to see how far I can take this. We started talking more about photography and I casually brought up the point that I sometimes recruit for an adult site. She really didn't seem crazy about it, until I started talking about how much money the girls make. Seeing that she needed to find an apartment on very short notice and rent in LA is not cheap that got her attention. So she came back to my room and her audition began. You can tell she is a little hesitant at first but this girl knew what she was doing. She has one of the best cock sucking techniques that ive ever had the experience of receiving. After a while she forgot that the camera was even there. So I hope everyone likes my new neighbor Jerri as much as I did.


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