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Name: Sasha Sin

The Story :Sasha is a beautiful teen model that I was very happy to meet. As you can tell she has gorgeous eyes an amazing smile and big natural tits. She also couldn't stop giggling the whole time we talked about why she should do porn and not be a bikini model. It took a while to convince her. I was actually worried that Id leave town and wouldn't be able to talk her into this. But she finally felt comfortable enough to come over to my hotel room. Once there just like all the other girls who see the camera she gets very comfortable and turns out she's one kinky little girl. Ill say this much, she really surprised me when we started to shoot. It took all my self control not to bust on her, but I held out to the very end and dropped a massive load on her face. This was one of my favorite shoots. I'm sure you will all agree that Sasha is going to become famous one day.


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