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Name: Valerie Hart

The Story : I love slutty little girls who want to get into porn. Valerie is the perfect example. I met her as I was leaving my hotel to get something to eat. As I was crossing the street there she was walking out of the restaurant. She had these tight jeans and a little top and you can tell she loved it as all the guys were looking at her. Any girl who looks like that and craves so much attention is perfect for the industry. So I had to run across the street to catch up with her. A little part of me was worried that maybe I misread her, but no, I was right on. You should have seen her face light up when I asked if she's ever modeled. I got the standard “everyone tells me I should”. So I gave the standard Michael line, well lets come back to my room and let me take a few pictures of you. As we walked back we stared to talk about all the different types of modeling there was. As soon as I told her how much money and attention she would get by doing porn, she couldn't wait to show me how she would be a great porn star. This little slut just loves being in front of the camera. And I loved covering her face with my load.


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